How We Are Different

Offering Amazing Senior Care for your loved one


We create an individualized life and care plan for each person, based on each person’s strengths and interests, their history and what they have enjoyed doing throughout their lives.


…to serve you better. What separates New Friends from other assisted living or memory care communities, is that each lodge has a different emphasis, to better individualize each person’s living and care preferences.


All of our Care Friends (caregivers) are trained to focus not just on the care tasks they perform, but on helping the people who live at New Friends maintain and enhance meaningful relationships and stimulating activity. We believe that real, meaningful relationships with residents, staff, family and the outside community are critical to leading a fulfilling life.


We strongly believe in helping each person have stimulating activities each day. Upon moving into New Friends we do an extensive history for each person, finding out what they loved to do at all stages throughout their lives, and then we help them keep doing it.


We believe people can still be involved in their passion and areas of interest even if they have limitations. That is why we created the Vibrant Life Levels of Engagement. Simply, you can do it, watch it, or talk about it – whatever “it” may be. Thus, people can still stay engaged in the things they love.


We believe a key component in helping people remain vibrant is using the resources of our entire extended family – the Friends (people) who live here, our Care Friends (staff), our Families and the outside community. If we all share a little bit of ourselves with the people who live here, it truly enriches us all. We will match you up in small groups, large groups or one on one. Share your profession, your hobby, your music, a trip or just fun things about your family. It helps us all stay vibrant!


We believe in using technology to help people live and be cared for. We are virtually paperless at New Friends. All health and medication charting is done online on notebook laptops, allowing our Nurse Manager to monitor all our care 24/7. Our Vibrant Life staff uses laptops and tablets as they use the internet to help connect our Friends (residents) to the things they love to do. Our community is fully wireless, so come with your laptop and hang out in the cafe with Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa.


We believe that food is an integral part of Vibrant Living. Our chef provides not only delicious, but nutritious meals, based upon the latest understanding of diet, aging and dementia.


We believe that exercise is also an essential part of Vibrant Living. We make exercise fun and part of each person’s daily life, with music, dance and a great leader!