Debra Murrey, Executive Director

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Even before joining New Friends, Debra lived the Vibrant Life philosophy. As her mother’s primary caregiver for the last several years of her life, Debra made it her mission to ensure that her mother enjoyed a full, rich life as a woman living with Alzheimer’s Disease rather than as an “Alzheimer’s patient”. Debra is passionate about sharing the Vibrant Life philosophy with other families who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other conditions that affect memory. Debra’s nursing experience taught her to care for patients; her management background made her a strong leader; but it is her compassion, her first-hand experience and her passion for helping people live life to its fullest potential that make Debra such an effective advocate for New Friends’ Vibrant Life philosophy.

Corie Shireman, Vibrant Life Manager

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Corie is full of life and loves creating stimulating activities! She knows that in great dementia care not everything is always planned and structured. Often the best activities are those that capture a great moment, like telling a funny joke or having an impromptu session in composing a group poem. Corie comes to New Friends with 25 years experience working with seniors and dementia care.