Supportive 24-hour Supervision within a Secured Home-like Setting

Our Care Friends staff (caregivers) provide compassionate care and 24-supervision in a comfortable and inviting environment that feels like home. Unobtrusive pagers are worn by Care Friends to be able to continuously monitor and support individuals in our care. Our residential lodges have door alerts in place and attractive white fencing surrounds the perimeter of the lodges (buildings).

Professional Elderly Care

Our Expert Management Team

Erin Kuhse, Human Resources Manager

Erin brings over 10 years of Human Resources experience and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, majoring in Human Resource Management.  Erin started her Human Resources career in the automotive field, moved into Non-Profit, and then found her passion in health care.  Erin not only enjoys her time with the employees but with the residents as well.  Stepping in whenever needed to be the helping hand or a smiling face.  Erin is the positivity bus driver for the New Friends family!

Tige Walkinhood, Operations Manager

Tige is an East Lansing native and a Spartan fan.  He has over 23 years of experience in long term care facilities management, he feels right at home at New Friends. He enjoys trying to make our residents’ stay here a pleasant one,  whether it be in maintenance, a Vibrant Life project, grilling for a party, or just spending some one on one time with residents.  When not working, Tige enjoys “do it yourself” projects on his home, biking, cooking and spending time with family & friends.   He is a member of the Kalamazoo Alzheimer’s Association and the American Red Cross. Tige has also completed New Friends Dementia Training courses providing him the appropriate approach and knowledge to support our team.

Specially Trained Care Friends Where the Living is First

Our Care Friends staff members are experienced in senior care, and trained in dementia care. They incorporate their knowledge and skills into providing compassionate personal care and assistance. What separates us from everyone else is that our focus is on each person living their life first, and then we take care of the task at hand. Care Friends make every effort to anticipate the needs of individuals in their care, while ensuring a safe, clean, comfortable, and homelike environment. We treat everyone as a valued individual and respect each person’s right to live a full and vibrant life, and to be as independent in as many areas as possible, for as long as possible.

Chef prepared, nutritious meals, snacks and supportive dining assistance

Delicious and nutritious dining is well known at New Friends. We all enjoy a delicious meal with friends and family, and the people who live at New Friends truly enjoy their experience. Our Chef takes great pride in replacing the word “dietary” with “dining” when it comes to preparing and serving nutritious meals and snacks. Care Friends offer any and all necessary help to individuals who may need prompting, cueing, or full support with their dining experience, with each person’s dignity at the forefront.

Specially Designed Environment and Décor to Accommodate Individual Needs

We know that individuals with dementia can experience increased disability if their environment is not structured to support their remaining abilities. Therefore, we have created an inviting setting where anyone would want to live; a place where friends and family feel welcome. Our Lodges are purposefully designed for easy navigation, with cozy individual suites and purpose-specific living, dining, and family activity rooms. Other specific design features include:

  • Social spaces for different sized groups, using design and décor variations to stimulate conversation and connections with surroundings.
  • Varied art and décor throughout the community to spark a special memory or a familiar pastime.
  • Pleasant outdoor spaces, patios and walking paths

Caring Guidance and Help with Personal Care and Bathing

For most of us, personal care is achieved without much forethought or concern. For someone with dementia, it can be a stressful and confusing experience, sometimes even a trigger for challenging behaviors. Our Care Friends are sensitive to the person’s individual needs, strengths, and limitations. We approach each person with dignity in personal care, bathing and personal grooming, always prepared to step back and redirect as necessary if our timing is off. We believe in promoting each person’s ability and autonomy in participating in their own self care needs, as much as they can, and for as long as they are able.

Sensitive and State-of-the-Art Medication Administration

We have a great belief in the importance, as well as, sensitivity of our Medication Management and Delivery Program. We have no “med carts” at New Friends. Each person’s medications are securely stored and delivered in their own living suites. Medications are given by our Care Friends in a private and dignified way. They then “chart” each individual medication on their laptop through our online ECP program. This state-of-the-art program is paperless, is securely backed up, greatly minimizes medication errors, and as in all areas of the New Friends and the Vibrant Life philosophy, helps us provide more personal time, rather than task time between Care Friends and residents.

Levels of Vibrant Engagement

At New Friends we believe that each individual can continue, in some capacity, enjoying the work, hobbies, and stimulating things they always loved to do during their lives, despite any physical or cognitive decline. We help them keep doing those things through our program of Levels of Vibrant Engagement (LOVE). In this concept, developed by Vibrant Life Communities, people can still do the things they love in various ways. Simply they can:

  • Do it – in other words, still participate in it. We modify the activity so they can still do it, in a form that retains the core of the activity; or, they can
  • Watch it – live or electronically through DVD’s or websites; or they can
  • Talk about it – usually with their Care Friends; or they can
  • Transform it through a creative art form.

Just because a person can’t do a previous meaningful activity without support, doesn’t mean they have to abandon it altogether, replaced with simple tasks that may have no meaning to them. You can always watch someone else do it, or talk about it, or still participate in a modified way. Being involved in something you LOVE brings back memories, thoughts and feelings which brings meaning to your life. Whether it be gardening, music, writing, golf, teaching, or knitting, we at New Friends believe people can continue to LOVE what they have always loved to do.

Daily Housekeeping

Stimulating Activities, with a Creative Focus on the Arts and Culture

Daily Exercise, Meaningful Movement with Music

Family Gatherings and Educational Workshops

Transitional Counseling

Additional Support Programs and Services

We offer additional services that help make the change to New Friends as comfortable as possible – such as Day and Evening Respite Programs and Transitional Care.