Vibrant Life Philosophy

A Wonderful Assisted Living Community

New Friends is a Vibrant Life Community. We operate with 13 Core Principles that we believe provide people with dementia the best chance of living fulfilling lives; to preserve, or even enhance their remaining strengths.

  1. Create Normality – Avoid institutionalism and isolation at all costs.
  2. Provide opportunities for people to maintain and enhance meaningful relationships.
  3. Engage people in meaningful activity based on their unique background and life stories.
  4. Cultivate the mind, as well as care for the body.
  5. Have intergenerational relationships, of all ages, be the norm.
  6. Enrich people’s spirits with culture – in and out of the assisted living community.
  7. Promote a culture of health and wellness; encourage participation in daily  meaningful movement.
  8. Provide excellent and nutritious food – in an environment that is warm and inviting.
  9. Empower and respect the staff – giving them opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others; treating their job as a career and a stepping stone for growth.
  10. Be a refuge and support for families and friends; help them to sustain meaningful connections with the person with dementia.
  11. Use technology to increase connections with others and improve customer service.
  12. Be knowledgeable of and sensitive to the ever-changing needs of people with dementia; be able to understand and respond to each stage of the person’s journey; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  13. Create meaningful relationships within the local community, moving in and out of each others lives, helping and uplifting one another.